Because we pushed them, Cal/OSHA reinforces strict guidelines for severe respirator shortages.

It’s important to read the entire document here.


  • If N95 respirators are re-used, there must be at least seven full days between uses.
  • When used all day, our N95s must be covered by face mask or shield.
  • N95s must be discarded after any aerosol generating procedure or surgery.
  • PAPRs must not be shared.
  • A seal check must be done every time a respirator is put on.
  • Do not write on N95s with permanent marker.
  • If disinfected, N95s must be aerated for at least four hours to protect from off-gassing of hydrogen peroxide and ozone.
  • It’s illegal to discipline or retaliate against us for insisting on adherence to these regulations or for wearing our own OSHA-approved PPE. We may file retaliation claims under labor code 1102.5 and 6310-6312.
  • Our employers are obligated to keep us—and our Union—informed on status of obtaining respirators.

If you experience any violations of these Cal/OSHA regulations, please take the following steps immediately:

  1. Contact your Union Rep/Organizer and report the violation 
  2. Ensure that you have witnesses, then work with the Union to file a Cal/OSHA complaint