Dear SEIU Local 121RN Member,

Around the world, people are singing the praises of Nurses, like you, who have stepped up to fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic in spite of the vulnerability you face as frontline healthcare workers. But in your hospitals, many of you are not feeling the same level of support. That is why, on Thursday, I sent a letter to all of your employers demanding they bargain with us concerning the terms and conditions of your employment on issues relative to COVID-19.

You can read the entire letter we sent your employer here. A summary of our key demands follows:

  • Immediately cease and desist from asking staff to share personal protective equipment.
  • Provide the highest level of protection for all clinical staff.
  • Wherever possible, immediately transform all units into negative pressure units.
  • Establish policies prohibiting visitors to the facility except for under certain specified conditions.
  • Allow all case managers to work remotely.
  • Strict adherence to social distancing directives for all infusion treatment centers, including staggering of patients that are immunocompromised.
  • Provide infrared thermometers to limit exposure to patients with high temperatures.

COVID-19 has changed the way you perform lifesaving work, and the conditions you must work under. As Union members, you have a right to have a voice. Indeed, your patients need you use that voice, now more than ever.

Please stay tuned for more updates from our Union’s leadership and from your Union Reps/Organizers. Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet done so, please take our important COVID-19 Survey. Watch this page for updates about what the Union is doing to support our members during this crisis.

In Unity,

Rosanna Mendez, Executive Director, SEIU 121RN

PS: Please let your Union Rep/Organizer know if you’re interested in being a part of the Union’s “Rapid Response” team inside your hospital. We need member leaders who will help keep your colleagues up-to-date on what the Union is doing, help respond to questions on your private Facebook group page, speak to the press on important issues and work closely with your Union Rep/Organizers and your Stewards to have the best possible outcomes during this pandemic.