Click here to take the 2nd survey.

In our first survey sent out in March, we had very disturbing results:

  • Only 40% of you said you had access to N95 respirators.
  • Only 6% of you said your hospital had sufficient PPE for a coming surge in COVID-19 cases.
  • Only 20% of you said you were aware of a hospital policy to address employees who suspect exposure.
  • Only 20% of you believed your hospital was doing everything it can to keep staff and patients safe.

Your survey responses gave us hard data that we’ve used to make sure elected leaders, OSHA, CDPH and reporters know what you’re experiencing.

This new survey digs deeper into the specifics about members’ health, exposure to COVID-19, PPE shortages, testing and quarantine policies

Please take 5-10 minutes to share your experiences in this new survey. We’ll use the survey results to turn up the pressure on hospital management, elected leaders and enforcing agencies to make the changes and commit the resources necessary to keep patients and staff safe while confronting this pandemic.