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Dear SEIU 121RN Member,

Think of all we’ve fought for: self-scheduling, fully paid family coverage, safe floating and SO much more. This isn’t the time to go backwards. That’s why we need to stick together—as Union members—to protect all that we’ve fought for and won. Your colleagues Lashaun and Jackie put it best: “We can’t do that alone!”

For over 10 years, SEIU 121RN Nurses have fought for our strong contracts with meaningful provisions that improve our lives—like the benefit of self-scheduling. While other unions with Kaiser lost it, SEIU 121RN was able to maintain contract language for our members to practice and enjoy the ability to schedule themselves.

✅ SEIU members won strong across-the-board raises of 3% each year. ✅We won floating subject to competency, skills, and Title 22 regulations.
✅ We maintained and secured Per-diem differential. ✅We won the ability to maintain and practice self-scheduling.
✅We protected healthcare benefits—including fully-paid family coverage and $5 copays for office visits, $5 mail-order, and first-time prescription copays. ✅We successfully fought off Kaiser’s proposed two-tier wages or benefits for new hires—all future Kaiser workers get the same wage rates and benefits as us.
✅We completely banned subcontracting of jobs at our facilities and strengthened protections against outsourcing work.  ✅ We won a $130 million investment funded exclusively by Kaiser to educate and train the healthcare workers of tomorrow, building the workforce of the future.
✅We got the employer to agree to waive the work experience requirement for any of us seeking promotion to a new position at Kaiser. ✅We’ve won so much more, and we’re not done yet!

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Questions? Contact a Union Steward, or our Union Rep/Organizer Gil Jadloc at (626) 375-9976 or For representational needs: Debbie Jackson at (760) 200-2744  or