Our member, Nurse Jennifer Gooding details her arduous 15-month recovery after contracting COVID-19 at Riverside Community Hospital, which has been a hot-spot for Nurse infections.

“During my first day back at work, my oxygen level plummeted to 82% [anything below 90% is considered dangerously low]. I became confused. I broke out into a sweat. I had to stop working again until I could be sure that I was strong enough. This was definitely the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.”

But for Jennifer, the worst part wasn’t her sickness—it was the fact that she couldn’t be there for the people she cares about. Read “COVID-19 ripped me away from my patients” on our Medium.com series COVID-19 — Nurses’ Notes from the Front Line.

Jennifer Gooding suffers from lingering effects of COVID-19 as she struggles to return to her patients.