This email below was sent on April 15, 2020…

SEIU will run ads that talk about the need for PPE during this pandemic—and they’re looking for videos from you!

If you’d like to participate in this call for members’ voices, please send two selfie videos 4/15/20 to be considered for the ad.

  1. The first video will be about you. Take a 2- to 3-minute video to describe what you do, what victories you’ve won with your Union, and what you’re experiencing during this pandemic. Be brief.
  2. The second video will be the script below.


  • Ensure there is good lighting and that you are in a quiet environment without a lot of background noise.
  • You speak clearly, normal speed, and above normal speaking voice at the camera.
  • If you can be in your work uniform or work environment, even better. Just not against a white or flat wall.
  • Hold the phone sideways and make sure it is unlocked.
  • Again, it is ok if you mess up. Take two to three lines at a time to read from memory until you are done. You don’t need to record the script perfectly all at once.
  • Please do not read from the script.


Health care workers like me are in a fight for your life, and our own lives.
This is what we trained for and we will continue working to keep you healthy.
We need you to be ok. And we will show up every day to make sure that happens.
But, a lack of planning and willful neglect has left health care workers like myself without  personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.
We need this equipment to keep you healthy and to keep us healthy.
President Trump needs to show leadership and make sure all essential workers are protected.
Whether we are healthcare workers. Mail carriers. Distribution center workers. Grocery store clerks. Janitors. Front desk security. Or fast-food workers. We are all essential workers, from every community, united.
No matter your job title, what zip code you live in, your income, or the color of your skin – we are in this together.
Visit ProtectAllWorkers dot org to join the movement NOW. Visit ProtectAllWorkers dot org.
We should be able to live long, healthy lives. And that starts with a government that protects ALL of us. Until they do, it’s up to us. We’ll keep fighting. Help us Protect ALL Workers. And…keep everyone safe.


Los trabajadores de la salud como yo estamos luchando por tu vida y la nuestra.
Para esto nos hemos capacitado por años y seguiremos trabajando para mantenerte sano.
Necesitamos que estés bien. Y vamos a seguir presentándonos a diario para asegurar que así sea.
Pero la falta de preparación y la negligencia intencional han dejado a trabajadores de la salud como yo sin equipo de protección personal como mascarillas y guantes.
Necesitamos este equipo para mantenerte sano a ti y a nosotros mismos.
El presidente Trump debe actuar como un líder y garantizar que TODOS los trabajadores esenciales estemos protegidos.
Sin importar si somos trabajadores de la salud. Carteros y repartidores. Empleados de centros de distrubución. Cajeros de supermercados. Personal de limpieza. Guardias de seguridad. O empleados de restaurantes. Todos somos trabajadores esenciales, en cada comunidad, unidos.
No importa tu empleo, código postal, tus ingresos, o el color de tu piel, todos estamos juntos en esto.
Visita ProtectAllWorkers punto org para unirte al moviemiento AHORA. Visita ProtectAllWorkers punto org.
Todos deberíamos poder vivir vidas largas y saludables.
Y eso empieza con un gobierno que nos proteja a TODOS. Mientras ellos no lo hagan, depende de nosotros.
Seguiremos en la lucha. Ayúdanos a proteger a TODOS los trabajadores. Y a mantener a todos a salvo.

Let your Union Rep/Organizer know if you participate, or email us at: