This Thursday, April 9, 2020…


Join the national SEIU Healthcare Day of Action to demand PPE!

SEIU hospital and nursing home workers across the country will stand in solidarity and call on the Trump administration to act now to increase the supply of PPE and protect all healthcare workers.

Here’s how it works…

During your shift change on Thursday:

  • Gather outside your facility. Stand six feet apart and wear creative face coverings of any sort in order to highlight the need for real personal protective equipment.
  • Make signs that say things like “Where’s My PPE?,”  “#GetMePPE” and  “ProtectAllWorkers”
  • Some signs could call on the Trump administration directly such as “Trump: Get Me PPE!” or say what you are worried about (your kids/family, community, etc)  Be creative!
  • Remember, this is not a picket. Do not use signs with sticks and be sure to stand still and avoid gathering in or near driveways.
  • Take pictures! Tag SEIU Local 121RN. Use the hashtag #GetMePPE

Questions? Contact your Stewards or your Union Rep/Organizer.