This is an email that went to our members at Riverside Community, Los Robles and West Hills hospitals…

Dear 121RN Members:

I want to keep you updated on conversations that 121RN and other SEIU locals around the country are having with HCA.

Currently, top corporate HCA decision makers are attempting to change the terms of our Union contracts—working conditions, layoffs, wages, benefits, and more—without coming to the bargaining table and negotiating with us in good faith.


  • Fails to provide you with adequate PPE and safe staffing levels
  • Tries to silence and retaliates against those of you who’ve bravely spoken out on behalf of your colleagues and patients
  • Fails to provide much-needed break relief during your long shifts
  • Bullies the Local Unions and offers ultimatums

…while they publicly thank you for being heroes on the front lines.

That’s the definition of hypocrisy.

Please take a moment to sign our petition to HCA CEO Sam Hazen.

You and I both know that HCA can afford to provide the supplies, staffing, working conditions, pay and benefits needed to maintain safe, quality hospitals. Instead, they choose to cut corners and offer strongarm ultimatums.

I just sent a letter to HCA corporate heads letting them know that, after speaking with leaders across all three facilities, we will not give in to their ultimatums. (Read the full letter here.)

To add some Union muscle to my letter, please sign this petition to HCA CEO Sam Hazen (who earned $27 million last year, by the way).

During a time when nurses and other healthcare professionals are more beloved than ever before, it’s in poor form, to say the least, to threaten takeaways from the very people the hospitals should be thanking every day—with actions, not words.

You’re jeopardizing your own safety and your very lives. You should be looked upon with gratitude and compassion, not as casualties to be shrugged off by a healthcare corporation that was ill-prepared to provide you the support you require. Please sign the petition today.

Thank you for all you’re doing,
Rosanna Mendez
Executive Director, SEIU Local 121RN