The emotional stress of the COVID-19 pandemic puts healthcare personnel at exceptional risk.

California Medical Association (CMA) Wellness Program (CMA Wellness) has launched the Care 4 Caregivers Now program, connecting front line caregivers with a trained peer coach offering remote and confidential sessions at no cost.

FREE confidential peer coaching

If you are a healthcare worker in constant worry of COVID-19 infection, currently separated from your family, or facing any other emotional difficulty at this time, the Care 4 Caregivers Now program invites you to schedule a confidential peer coaching session at no cost.

  • Eligible caregivers include physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners and respiratory therapists.
  • There is no cost, and you may receive coaching for up to 30 days
  • Coaching sessions are confidential and conducted remotely via videoconference; access to a computer or smart phone is necessary

While not a substitute for therapy or medical care, peer coaches understand the rigors of the profession and can offer emotional support and help you to feel more calm, focused and in control. Coaches hold space to listen to your concerns. Their goal is to help you feel heard, understood and become more aware of your options.

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