Dear SEIU 121RN Members,

Every day, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals are risking their lives to treat patients and fight the spread of this disease. But too many of you are unprotected and are forced to risk your lives because of a lack of PPE and other supplies.

Please click here to take the quick survey that will let the Governor know how bad it is.

Many of you have already spoken out to the media. Thank you! (Visit our website to see all the press coverage.) This survey will help us back it up with statewide data.

Please report any experiences you’ve had with a lack of PPE. Whether it’s N95 respirators or shoe covers, we need to show how dire the situation is, where the shortages are, and how it is affecting our work, the people we care for, and our lives.

You can share your experience here.

In Unity,
Rosanna Mendez
SEIU 121RN Executive Director